Thursday, 30 November 2017

Hammerhead Karoo - They're only bloody shipping the things!

Hammerhead Karoo Shipping
Production spec Karoos before leaving the factory
Since the campaign for Karoo kicked off and people started giving their trust and wonga to the company, there's been a lot of chatter about whether karoo was real, if it is will it ever make it to production and will we ever actually get our hands on one or will we have to watch DCRainmaker using an early prototype another damn time!

See here folks:

Lots of lovely Karoos all boxed up ready to shipped
Boxed Karoos leaving China
They've only gone and bloody made a bunch and are shipping to the earliest risk-takers right now. These be exciting times people and I'm going to have to pull in the Tena Lady (or keep the bladder empty) because the moment I get a shipping notification with as much as a hint of Karoo about it - I'll probably let out a bit of wee...

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