Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A New Chapter for the Thirty Something Cyclist: Tarn Cycling Holidays

Things have been very quiet on here for some time and, being full of excuses, here’s why…

tours du tarn

We’ve been busy saving, searching and working away at building work, planning applications and setting up our new business in south west France!

For the past 3 years we’ve been working away to get ourselves a property and making some changes so we can host our new venture: Tours du Tarn.

As you will see, we’re predominantly focussing on centre-based cycling holidays for people interested in exploring France at a leisurely pace by bike. We provide breakfasts and hearty evening meals, bikes and all the routes and equipment you need to enjoy a cycling holiday in the Tarn in south west France. I’m really excited to show people a little known area of France and showcase what the region has to offer. The roads are quiet and well maintained and the scenery is reason enough to visit but if you do, the wine here is really taking off and should not be overlooked!

We’re predominantly focussing on 2017 but we’re going to be shipping out in June to live their for good and have some bookings to give us some practice at dealing with guests and checking that the accommodation is fit for purpose.

To say I’m excited is an understatement and getting started on all of the work to be done before our first paying guests arrive is August is going to a priority – although I keep insisting that we can’t run a cycling business without doing lots of “research” by bike!

This is obviously a shameless plug for the website but its also a bit of a promise that this blog will update more often as a hub for my own personal thoughts on our new life in France, how the business progresses and importantly - some actual cycling!

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