Monday, 1 June 2015

Lily Camera Drone: For Cycling Selfies?

If we're all being honest, its pretty hard to make take interesting cycling footage with a GoPro, no mater what DIY or new fangled accessory you've got. Hurtling down a moutain pass with a camera positioned on your chest, bars, forks or stays is just not going to be that joyful for anyone else but you to watch!

Short of convincing your video enthusiast mates to drive along side whilst filming or piloting a DIJI for really cool shots, as a cyclist what choice have we got?

Well, up to now that was pretty much it and with some editing skills you can make these things vaguely watchable but they don't tell a story and the shots are not very dynamic! Then Lily came along.

Lily is different to everything else because its self piloted and works using a GPS tracking device that is worn by the film star  subject. This makes for intelligent hands-free filming so you can hammer along that 50mph decent without having to pilot your DIJI or be chased down by a brave mate in a car!

Its got it limitations though I'm afraid - probably the biggest being that its not good at avoiding objects. So, if its following you along an alpine road getting a side tracking shot at 20mph and a truck, bridge, power lines or a travelling circus (more likely) happens to whiz past in the opposite direction its likely that Lily will meet an unfortunate death! There are various tricks that can be performed but the limitations on distance from the subject and height are the other things to consider. Bear in mind that its early days for Lily which is currently on pre-order for the bargain price of $500. Perhaps these issues will be tackled in later versions...

I think with some forward planning and a bit of luck these issues could be overcome and Lily could go on to make user-generated cycling footage a lot less mundane. I want one and have got just the scene for it....

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