Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kuota KOM Air - The Arrival

Whilst I'm 90% convinced (maybe even 99%) that nobody cares, I can't keep this from the world for any here is a first look at my new bike, the KOM Air. I've been banging on about it for ages but the wheels finally arrived last week and I got 'the call' on Friday to head on down to my LBS to meet her.

Everyone says this (and I hate it when they do…) but my amateur photos do no do it justice! The matt black finish is enough to give anyone a "carbone" and in every respect she's an absolute beauty - Even Charlotte agreed!

The most notable aspect (after the dark, stealthy aesthetic....obvs) is the, frankly ridiculous, weight. I've now weighed her on two different sets of scales and taking an average across the two she's.............actually no, I'll keep you in suspense until the full review!

More on this and my thoughts once I've prized myself away from her….

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