Sunday, 9 March 2014

New Cycling Shoes: Fizik R3

Been on the look out for some new cycling shoes over the winter but nothing much had taken my fancy.

Just when I'd almost forgotten about it (this doesn't happen often when it involves new stuff), SportsPursuit wanted to sell me some lovely Fizik R3's and how could I refuse?

They're beautiful in the flesh and remind me if the 1920s wing-tips from the gangster movies - just for cycling obviously.

A full and frank review will follow as always but for now I can say they are amazingly light and unbelievably stiff. I wore them out for the first time this morning, in the glorious sunshine I might add, and impressed me no end. 

Whether they make any difference to power transfer, average speeds or comfort is largely irrelevant at the moment, I'm just in love with that carbon sole!

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