Sunday, 16 March 2014

Kuota KOM Air - This might just be my new bike

After much painful deliberation, I think the KOM 2014 might just be out of the running as the most likely contender for my new bike. 

I've spent the last few weeks researching, pondering, jotting down pointless technical details and boring my Fiancee and friends senseless. I've been certain I'd only buy Italian, then veered towards German and, like Charlotte whilst clothes shopping, I've come full circle and back to the first shop I walked into: Kuota.

The new KOM for 2014 is lovely. It's got nice lines and looks to be an all-out mountain goat and race machine - it just doesn't come in a colour I like!

My Kebel is mix of timeless 3k black carbon, white and red detailing and the new KOM is just a bit too similar. It sounds silly but when when a lot of bikes are all similar specs, weights and geometry it can literally all boil down to how awesome it looks - and looking awesome is important.

My 2012 Kebel

The all new KOM 2014

I was about ready to click the button on a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX but the lack of SRAM force as a group set option was putting me off. Luckily it did, because one phone call to Dave at DHW Agencies saw me knocking back on Kuota's door to see if the KOM Air was allowed to play out.

This is essentially the new KOM Evo, but lighter, with internal cable routing and matt black.

KOM Air 2013

She's not only an Italian thoroughbred but she's the right weight (770g for the frame), colour and geometry - It's now just for me, Dave and my LBS to work on the price. More on how this pans out in the next week or so but I'm excited to be back on the Kuota wagon once again.

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