Wednesday, 6 November 2013

"Maybe we should do something big?"

Come on, we've all said it. I know I have. Admittedly, not necessarily meaning it or intending to do anything about it. Well, I went and said it again just the other day but this time I said it about cycling and there's a strong chance I might have meant it.

I posted a while ago about inspirational cycling videos or films and, it would seem that Charlotte is right and I've been watching too many. The other day I watched the promo videos for both Haute Route films (for at least the 10th time here and here) and it got my legs literally twitching in anticipation. Now, what with plans afoot for much bigger things in life, it breaks my heart to know I'm never going to be able to either of these epic cycling challenges in the immediate future. However, there's no stopping me organising an affordable, challenging bike ride that could be enjoyed by like-minded friends - is there?

With this in mind, I've decided to stop dicking about and actually think properly about what could be done over the course of the next year that will be tough, challenging and most of all - big......or at least fairly big. It won't be as big as say.....cycling around the world like Al Humphrey's or Mark Beaumont, but it can't just be something I can wake up of a morning, down some malt loaf, don some Lycra and colour the roads either.

Features I have in mind so far are:

  • Big
Ok, if I had to be a bit more specific I'd say:

  • Time limited (24-48 hours?)
  • Must cross country borders
  • Group based
  • Minimal cost
  • Limited support or maybe even self-supported
  • Big
  • Arse and legs should hurt for a disproportionate amount of time after the event has passed
  • Once completed and telling anyone who will listen - they should think you're Merckx incarnate or some other cycling God.

I think this gives me something to go on but please feel free to make suggestions or simply add to the list.

For my love of France and all things French, I'm unsurprisingly drawn to something across the water and onto French soil..."hmmmm soil".

Anyway, what I'd like to do is to put this out there for now and I'll at least then have to start thinking more about what this "something big" might be. Maybe a European mountain sportive event of some sort or London to Paris in 24 hours...

Ideas on a post-card, or in the comments box if you prefer.

That is all.

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  1. Maxstoke is my European mountain! What? That doesn't count?! Seems your itchy, twitchy limbs are in need of a big adventure. ::like::