Monday, 16 September 2013

Inspiration: Cycling or commuting in bad weather

After that incredible summer it was only going to take a mere whiff of cold air and the slightest patter of rain to set me off trying to harden myself up, psychologically of course, for the wet, windy and bitingly cold winter days. Make no mistake people – it's coming!

It’s around this time of year (just before my birthday) that I start looking at winter socks, gloves and overshoes to attempt to soften the blow because, as we all know, new shizzle makes you look epic and that counteracts the cold…*

It was 8.5 degrees (Celsius) the other morning and I stupidly headed out in a lightweight summer jersey for my morning commute. On leaving the house I immediately noticed the cold, followed by that first shiver of the new season! Luckily I came in via the 9 mile 'scenic' route otherwise I'd have not got going enough to get the internal fire going at all, but I'd already started to dread the damp, cold starts that will inevitably follow in the coming weeks.

Rule 9 clearly states, and I quote: "If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are badass. Period"; I think this is possibly enough for most people but some may need that little bit more encouragement... So, if buying more gear for the coming season just can't be justified or its a mental battle you have going on in there I bestow upon you the following advice: Fetch your arm/leg warmers, overshoes and other body-armour you feel necessary and whilst you're wrestling them on just sit and watch the short-film below. Everyone knows Rapha makes a great (but massively pretentious) cycling films and this one is no different in that it just made me want to go out and ride my bike! Love or hate em, you can't knock em for that!

Still sat in all your gear and needing more inspiration or motivation? Well, as a last resort I'd suggest watching this next short film, again from Rapha. However, please exercise extreme caution before just diving in and pressing 'play' and observe the recommended limit of a maximum of two Rapha films per sitting. This is for your own sanity and financial security so don't say I didn't warn you!

If you're not out cycling by now, I can only suggest that you acquaint yourself with Rule 5 or sell your bike!

*for about 3 minutes until you realise that cold is cold and no matter how well you match your overshoes to your helmet or how ‘Roubaix’ your arm-warmers claim to be.

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