Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cycle to Work Day 2013

So, it turns out today is (officially) Cycle to Work Day. I can be forgiven for not noticing this since, like many others, every day is my own personal cycle to work day.

Now, I literally annoy the hell out of everyone I know with how enthusiastic I can be about everything cycling. I've found a hidden ability to steer most conversations with non-cycling humans (the "Chumps") to suddenly be about cycling. I'm now so good at it that I'm sure they don't even realise I've done it. The point of all this is that I can't help but try to encourage the Chumps to think more about cycling and so naturally love the fact that lots is being done to promote cycling in the UK following the Olympics and double Tour de France wins. However, I'm really struggling to understand why the organisers decided that the national Cycle to Work Day should be mid-September?

Looking at the pledges on the event website lots of people haven't minded this so much (at the time of writing there are almost 250k miles pledged) but I can't help thinking this might have been even more successful as a mid-summer initiative. I think its fair to say that generally people don't like getting wet, cold and wind-blown and especially not if they are new to cycling to work or are trying it for the first time!

Fingers crossed for a dry return journey folks and, if you are unfortunate enough to get rained on on the return journey - or even this morning on the way in - at least you know what to expect the next 6 months!

Joking aside, its great to see initiatives like this popping up to encourage people to consider cycling as a means of getting about and using that once-loved-but-now-forgotten bike at the back of the garage or, even better, getting a new one on the Cycle to Work Scheme. After all, as any self- respecting cyclist knows, the Rules state that the correct number of bikes to own is n+1 - where 'n' is the current number of bikes owned!

Now, Lycra yourselves up people and enjoy the trip home!

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